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In the bustling metropolis of Singapore, a new standard of coliving experiences has emerged, defined by the commitment to Easy Living and a deep sense of community for young professional expats. Casa Mia Coliving, a coliving provider, has embarked on a mission to create homes that resonate with the desires of modern city dwellers. Understanding the significance of convenience, social connections, affordability, and flexibility, Casa Mia Coliving has chosen to enhance the lives of its members through a strategic partnership with 'Levande by Electrolux.' This collaboration brings forth an all-inclusive appliance subscription and flexi-rental service, allowing ease and comfort for members. Let us explore how this alliance elevates coliving experiences and aligns with the core values of Casa Mia Coliving.

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Getting your hands to the latest dishwashing or laundry technology is no longer a challenge for households in Singapore. Rent, rent-to-own, leasing, and subscription are all different ways to obtain access to appliances or access to benefits of using an appliance for a specific period, and each has its own unique features and benefits.

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Did you know in Singapore each household uses up to 151L of water each day? This World Water Day, join us to learn more about how to reduce water in your house!

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We recently sat down with Sophie, the CMO of Cove, to discuss their exciting journey of growth over the past couple of years and their decision to embrace an asset-lite approach. Sophie presented her perspectives on the strategies they employed to attain success, including the advantageous opportunities they leveraged. She also delved into the reasoning behind their decision to adopt an asset-light approach and the effect it has had on the growth of their business.

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Knowing how to store vegetables and fruits in the fridge not only protects your wallet, it also helps you in leading a more sustainable life and avoiding food waste. for as long as possible.

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Washing and drying your bedding can be a major chore. The items are often large and heavy, and hard to handle or hang up to dry. Luckily, your dryer is the best place for you to dry all your bedding items. It saves time and space, it’s more hygienic and it actually protects your delicate items better than air drying. So read on to find out how to dry bedding items in a dryer and keep your bed fresh and clean.