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    • SensiCare protects clothes from over-drying.
    • ReverseTumbling reduces wrinkles up to 1/3*.
    • ColourCare reduces fading by up to 80%*.

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    S$ 21.99 per month

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Helpful tips for finding the ideal rental dryer

Dryers are among the most helpful household appliances. They not only save you time that you would have spent waiting for your clothing to air-dry, but they also protect your garments from any dirt or odour they might catch while hanging to dry. Nowadays, there are several models of modern dryers available for rent. As an overview, consider the following factors to categorize dryers: size, capacity, and special features.

Dryer size and placement

Popular dimensions for a clothes dryer are 85cm in height, 60cm in width and either 53cm (integrated dryers) or 60cm (freestanding dryers) in depth. It fits comfortably under any tabletop with these dimensions. Before installation, make sure that the place has all the hook-ups or vents it requires for the specific dryer type.

Dryer capacity

Dryers come in a variety of capacities, depending on the model and the brand. Here are the general guides on the capacities for different households:

• 1-2 people: Up to 5kg
• 4 people: Up to 7kg
• 4+ people: 10kg or more

Note that these are only estimates and requirements may vary depending on the household.

Dryer features

In addition to the obvious benefits of a dryer like dry and scent clothes, dryers have a variety of extra features that fit different households’ needs.

• Intelligent cycles adjust drying times according to how wet your clothes are using special sensors. This protects them from further wear and tear and results in a shorter drying time.
• ReverseTumbling reduces wrinkling in your dried garments by up to one third.
• VapourRefresh further reduces wrinkles and refreshes fabrics.
• ColourCare keeps your favourite coloured vibrant for longer.

Browse our Dryers buying guide to learn more about the unique features that set Electrolux dryers apart from the competition.

Choosing the perfect dryer with Levande subscription service

Levande offers a range of Electrolux dryers at an affordable subscription price as a perfect drying solution that will preserve the fabrics and colours of your favourite clothes. Your garments are in good hands with innovative technologies like VapourRefresh or ColourCare. Add to that the savings you’ll make thanks to Electrolux’s energy-efficient drying process, and it becomes clear that an Electrolux dryer is the best addition to your laundry room.

Unlike dryer rental services, Levande subscription plans are more versatile, ranging from 6 months to 6 years, while allowing you to upgrade to another model of the same category anytime during your subscription to keep up with the latest Electrolux technology.

Read all answers to your Frequently asked questions about Levande subscriptions or Contact us for support.