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Rent or lease a Washing Dryer in Singapore with Levande: Convenient, Affordable, and Reduces E-waste

Looking to rent a hassle-free washing-dryer combo solution? Levande has you covered. Our washing dryer leasing service is designed to provide convenience, affordability, and help in reducing e-waste. Say goodbye to the hassle of purchasing and maintaining a washing dryer and opt for our all-inclusive rental subscription.

When you rent a washer dryer from Levande, you receive a complete package. Enjoy the convenience of an Electrolux washing machine, along with reliable maintenance and repair services. Plus, we sweeten the deal by providing you with 3 to 6 months' worth of premium laundry detergent.

With Levande, choice is in your hands. Select from a variety of washing dryers,catering to different load sizes, available in both refurbished and new conditions. Tailor your rental duration to fit your needs, whether it's 6 months, 1 year, or even 6 years. Need a 9-month rental? Not a problem. Simply choose a 6-month subscription and extend it to 9 months seamlessly. And the best part? You can upgrade your rental anytime you want.

Don't let outdated appliances contribute to e-waste. Embrace a lifestyle that evolves with you by renting a Washer Dryer from Levande. Experience the convenience, affordability, and flexibility that our rental service offers. Say hello to a better laundry experience today while making a positive impact on the environment by reducing e-waste.

Everything you need to know about washer dryer rental

A washer dryer is one of the most convenient appliances for any household, as it saves time and energy by washing and drying your clothes in one go. Here are the essential factors to consider before renting a washer dryer combo: Size, capacity, and features that suit your needs.

Washer dryer size and capacity

The capacity of washer dryer is one of the most important factors as it refers to how much laundry can fit within the drum. In general, compared to using separate washers and dryers, these combined units typically offer less capacity. However, the space-saving benefits make it an acceptable trade-off for users.

• For the average households, machines with a 9kg washing capacity and 6kg drying capacity should be sufficient as it can clean approximately 45 T-shirts and dry about 30 T-shirts.
• Washer dryers with a load capacity of 10/7kg or above are best suited to bigger households that do laundry frequently.

Washer dryer features

Energy and water savings: Modern washer dryers can help you save significant amounts of energy and water.

Care for delicates: Many modern washer dryers come with special wash programs for delicate fabrics, including wool.

Choose the perfect washer dryer with Levande subscription service

Levande provides a broad selection of Electrolux washer dryers that offer outstanding laundry experiences while safeguarding your clothes. With our subscription plans, you can save money while making an Electrolux washer dryer the centerpiece of your laundry room.

Levande subscription plans offer more versatility than washer dryer rental services, with options ranging from 6 months to 6 years. You can upgrade to another model of the same category at any point during your subscription, enabling you to stay up-to-date with the latest Electrolux technology.

With Levande subscription service, you can enjoy hassle-free warranty from start to finish. We take care of not only delivery, set-up, maintenance and repairs, but also old appliance disposal, providing you complete peace of mind. In the unlikely event that you face an issue that cannot be resolved remotely, we’ll provide you with a like-for-like replacement within 48 hours, allowing you to continue enjoying your subscription with minimal interruption.

Check out Common questions about Levande subscriptions or get help from our Support team.

Why subscribe a Washer Dryer with Levande by Electrolux?



Subscribe to appliances without worrying about delivery, set-up, maintenance, repairs or old appliance disposal.



Access to latest technology innovations at an affordable monthly subscription fee.


Upgrade Anytime

Our subscription plans are flexible. Improve your lifestyle as your life evolves.


Reduce E-waste

By subscribing to a refurbished or second hand appliance via our circular plan, you can help reduce the growing mountains of e-waste and contribute to a more sustainable future.

How does renting a Washer Dryer work?

1   Select a Washer Dryer

Pick the latest appliance that fits your needs for excellent performance, practicality, and energy efficiency.

2   Subscribe

Select a plan at a fixed monthly fee!
Just pay a one-time standard security deposit* before the start of your subscription, which we'll return to you once the subscription ends and we pick up the appliance.
*If you sign-up with MyInfo, the standard security deposit is waived.

3   Delivery & set-up

Get your product delivered and set-up within 48 hours*! Our team will set up your new appliance and provide guidance on how to utilize its features to the fullest. Plus, we'll dispose of your old appliance for free!
*Subject to stock availability and Singapore's public holiday schedule.

4   Complete peace of mind

Enjoy complete peace of mind with our hassle-free warranty that covers your product for the entire duration of your subscription! In the unlikely event that you face an issue with your appliance, which cannot be resolved remotely in just a few minutes, we'll provide you with a like-for-like replacement within 48 hours.