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Things to consider before choosing a rental refrigerator

Refrigerators are just possibly the most important component of any kitchen. They keep your food fresh and healthy for longer and allow you to enjoy all types of cold treats.

When you’re looking to rent a fridge, keep in mind these three key factors: Size, type and other features and considerations.

Here are our detailed guides on How to choose a refrigerator.

Choosing the right refrigerator size

The most crucial decision to make when looking for a rental refrigerator is the required size. Fridges come in a variety of sizes, ranging from small minibar-style fridges to colossal 2-door and 3-door models. Take your household size into account when making such a choice, as you will need more room to store food for more people. Here are some tips for picking the size of your refrigerator:

• 1-2 people in household: 200-380 liters
• 3-4 people in household: 350-530 liters
• 5 and more people in household: 450 liters and more

Choosing the right fridge type

Fridges are categorized in different types, including:

• Side-by-side refrigerator: Fridge and freezer side by side, making the freezer compartment more accessible
• French door refrigerator: Can come in various combinations, usually with two fridge doors on top and one or two freezer doors or compartments at the bottom
• Double door fridge is divided into:

o Top-freezer refrigerator: Has a freezer compartment at the top;
o Bottom-freezer refrigerator: Has a freezer compartment at the bottom, allowing you to reach your fridge shelves more easily.

Other factors to consider when choosing a rental refrigerator

• Installation: Installation cost and effort vary little between different refrigerator types, but size does affect the installation. If you rent a fridge that can be linked to a water line, keep the availability of a connection in mind as well.

• Hassle-free: Check if fridge repair costs are included in refrigerator rental services to have complete peace of mind.

Choose the perfect fridge subscription with Levande

Levande offers a range of Electrolux refrigerators with various features, such as the energy-efficient NutriFresh inverter, QuickChill and QuickFreeze functions for your perishables, and TasteGuard to keep your appliance hygienic.

Compared to refrigerator rental services, Levande provides more versatile subscription plans, ranging from 6 months to 6 years, while allowing you to upgrade to a different model anytime to keep up with the latest Electrolux technology.

With Levande subscription service, you can enjoy hassle-free warranty from start to finish. We take care of not only delivery, set-up, maintenance and repairs, but also old appliance disposal, providing you complete peace of mind. In the unlikely event that you face an issue that cannot be resolved remotely, we’ll provide you with a like-for-like replacement within 48 hours, allowing you to continue enjoying your subscription with minimal interruption.

Electrolux is known worldwide for its high-quality appliances and high standards for energy efficiency and safety.

Check out All you need to know about Levande subscriptions or get help from our Support Team.