Elevating Coliving Experiences: Casa Mia Coliving partners with Levande by Electrolux


In the bustling metropolis of Singapore, a new standard of coliving experiences has emerged, defined by the commitment to Easy Living and a deep sense of community for young professional expats. Casa Mia Coliving, a coliving provider, has embarked on a mission to create homes that resonate with the desires of modern city dwellers. Understanding the significance of convenience, social connections, affordability, and flexibility, Casa Mia Coliving has chosen to enhance the lives of its members through a strategic partnership with 'Levande by Electrolux.' This collaboration brings forth an all-inclusive appliance subscription and flexi-rental service, allowing ease and comfort for members. Let us explore how this alliance elevates coliving experiences and aligns with the core values of Casa Mia Coliving.


About Casa Mia Coliving: Pioneering Easy Living in Singapore

Casa Mia’s journey began with a thirst for exploration, study, work, and a profound respect for the environment, lasting friendships, and self-care. The founders' vision to share these values and create an Easy Living life through Casa Mia has resonated with countless members seeking more than just a place to reside. With a focus on exciting neighbourhoods, centrally located buildings and a buzzing community, Casa Mia makes it easy for young professionals to move to a new city.


Introducing 'Levande by Electrolux': Revolutionizing Appliance Ownership

'Levande by Electrolux' stands at the forefront of transforming appliance ownership into a seamless and sustainable experience. Offering all-inclusive appliance subscriptions and flexi-rental services, Levande caters to corporates, landlords, coliving operators, co-working spaces, hotels, service apartments, and restaurants. The essence of Levande lies in crafting subscription plans tailored to each unique business, ensuring a perfect fit for evolving needs. By focusing on tailored needs and on the appliance maintenance load, Levande helps alleviate the common paint points of appliance upkeep. This strategy enables businesses to concentrate on delivering premium value, bypassing the capital-intensive hurdles of appliance ownership.


The Easy Living Proposition: A Perfect Match

Casa Mia Coliving's commitment to Easy Living is beautifully complemented by Levande's all-encompassing appliance subscription service. By selecting Levande as their preferred service provider, Casa Mia Coliving aims to enhance the coliving experience for their members exponentially. With Levande's expert guidance, members can enjoy personalized subscription plans that align with their lifestyle choices. From the latest appliances to seamless maintenance support, Casa Mia's members can truly immerse themselves in Easy Living without any worries.

"We pride ourselves on being an asset-light startup. This partnership enables us to scale more effectively and takes away the hassle of having to deal with multiple vendors and maintenance issues”, Ahmed Nizar, Co-founder Casa Mia Coliving.


Advantages of Levande's Appliance Subscription Service

Flexibility and Scalability: Levande's flexible subscription plans allow businesses like Casa Mia Coliving to cater to dynamic tenant needs while maintaining sustainable growth.

Unparalleled Convenience: By eliminating appliance maintenance concerns, Levande frees up valuable time and resources for coliving operators to focus on fostering a vibrant community.

Reduce upfront investment: By offering appliance subscriptions at fixed monthly fee (transparent opex), we reduce the upfront investment of a coliving provider.

The partnership between Casa Mia Coliving and Levande by Electrolux exemplifies the essence of Easy Living. By joining hands, they bring to life a vision that cherishes convenience, sustainability, and holistic well-being. Casa Mia Coliving's commitment to creating homes in exciting neighborhoods perfectly complements Levande's dedication to offering flexible appliance solutions. Together, they elevate coliving experiences in Singapore, providing a home away from home that resonates with the desires of the modern nomad.


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