How to declutter your home smoothly with only 3 simple rules

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Rahasia untuk merapikan rumah Anda

To solve any problem, you must identify the root cause. Following this principle, the first step to tidying up any space starts by getting to the bottom of things – which can take on a literal meaning for some more than others.

When it comes to decluttering, surface-level cleaning can only get you so far. With time, all the things you sweep under the rug will come back with a vengeance. Save yourself the trouble and dedicate yourself to a long-lasting clean with these tips:


1. Clear out every nook and cranny

You might think of cleaning as a huge task, but it has everything to do with the little things. That said, a deeper clean requires delving into the small, forgotten corners of your home. With the Pure Q9 crevice tool, you can easily reach into these hidden hotspots with minimal effort. Aside from easier access, its innovative airflow design delivers powerful suction, even as the dust bin fills up.


2. Put in the floorwork

While it is important to clear out tiny spaces, you might be neglecting something right under your nose – specifically, your floors. Arguably getting the brunt of your daily life, your flooring could easily discolour or lose its shine over time. To prevent this, the Electrolux Pure Q9 nozzle is specially designed to eliminate particles of all sizes, equipped with a plush lining that can restore your flooring to its spotless glory.

3. Make it a habit

Decluttering does not have to be a big, one-time event. Once you incorporate cleanliness into your daily life, you might find less of a need for borderline home renovations. Through the Electrolux cordless vacuum stick, you can commit to a lifestyle of tidiness by giving your space a quick once-over every so often. With its Grab & Go charging system, you can simply pop your machine in and out of its charging dock for cleanliness on-the-go whenever you please.


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