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  • Starting from

    S$ 22.99

    • Borderless black glass finish ​
    • Vintec wine cabinets recreate the ideal conditions to protect wine for the short or long-term, by strictly adhering to the Vintec 5 Pillars of Wine Storage
    • Stable temperature / High humidity / UV-proof dark storage area / Vibration-proof environment / Quality airflow

    Starting from

    S$ 22.99 per month

  • Starting from

    S$ 24.99

    • Borderless Black glass finish ​
    • Vintec wine cabinets recreate the ideal conditions to protect wine for the short or long-term, by strictly adhering to the Vintec 5 Pillars of Wine Storage
    • Stable temperature / High Humidity / UV-proof dark storage area / Vibration-proof environment / Quality Airflow

    Starting from

    S$ 24.99 per month

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Rent or Lease a Wine Cabinet in Singapore with Levande: Convenient, Sophisticated, and Reduces E-waste

Looking to elevate your wine storage experience? Levande offers hassle-free wine cabinet rentals that are designed to provide convenience, sophistication, and help in reducing e-waste. Say goodbye to the complexities of purchasing and maintaining a wine cabinet and opt for our all-inclusive rental subscription.

When you rent a wine cabinet from Levande, you receive a complete package. Enjoy the convenience of a top-quality wine storage solution, along with reliable maintenance and repair services. Our wine cabinets are meticulously crafted to preserve and showcase your wine collection in optimal conditions, ensuring the perfect aging environment. Explore our range of wine cabinets, including sleek and stylish models like the ones featured here, available in various sizes and features. Whether you prefer a refurbished or new unit, you can customize the rental duration to meet your specific needs, from 6 months to 1 year, or even up to 6 years. Need a 9-month rental? No problem. Simply choose a 6-month subscription and seamlessly extend it to 9 months. And the best part? You have the flexibility to upgrade your rental at any time, ensuring your wine collection is always properly stored.

By renting a wine cabinet from Levande, you not only enjoy the convenience and sophistication it offers, but you also contribute to reducing e-waste. Embrace a lifestyle that combines elegance and sustainability by choosing our rental service. Say goodbye to worries about wine storage and hello to an enhanced wine collection today. Join us in creating a sustainable future by reducing e-waste. Rent a wine cabinet from Levande and elevate your wine enjoyment experience to new heights.

Helpful tips for finding the ideal rental wine cabinets

Wine fridges/cabinets have become an important part of room furnishings. They not only recreate optimal storage conditions to keep your precious bottles at their best but are also designed to fit modern and delicate lifestyles.

Maintaining a certain temperature for your wine not only helps to preserve its freshness but also allows it to retain its authentic taste, texture, and aromas for longer.

Nowadays, there are several models of modern wine cabinets available for rent. Below are key things to consider before joining wine cabinet subscription services:

Is a wine cabinet the same as a wine cooler?

A wine cooler and a wine cabinet are two different storage options for wine that offer varying degrees of temperature control and storage capacity.

Wine coolers are generally smaller and are designed to hold a limited number of bottles, typically between 6-50, depending on the size of the unit. Wine cabinets, on the other hand, can hold anywhere from a few dozen to several hundred bottles.

Wine coolers are used for short-term wine storage, while you can use wine cabinets for both long-term and short-term storage.

Also, wine cabinets offer more additional features than wine coolers, such as UV-proof dark storage area and Quality Airflow.

Key considerations when choosing a wine cabinet

• Location: Determine where you will place the cabinet to choose the right type (freestanding, built-in, or integrated).

• Short-term or long-term storage: Pick a single-temperature cabinet for red or white wine, or a 2/3 temperature zone cabinet for mixed storage needs.
• Size matters: Estimate how many bottles you need to store to find the right capacity.

Wine cabinet features to consider

Vintec wine cabinets offer several features to ensure the quality of your wine:

• UV Protected Dark Storage Area: Experience peace of mind with our UV protected storage cabinets, which shield against harmful UV rays with UV treated tinted glass or solid doors, dark interiors, and dimmed LED lights.
• Quality Air Flow: Our wine cabinets offer internal and external fans to ensure a slow reticulated air flow throughout the cabinet.
• Thermal Recycling Pump: Ensure optimal humidity levels for your wine.

Choose the perfect wine cabinet with Levande subscription service

Levande offers a wide range of Vintec wine cabinets that recreate the ideal wine storage conditions. Become a member of our subscription program to enjoy cost savings and the peace of mind that comes with knowing your wine is being impeccably preserved.

Unlike wine cabinet rental services, Levande subscription plans are more versatile, ranging from 6 months to 6 years, allowing you to upgrade to another model of the same category at any point of the subscription to catch up with the latest Vintec technology.

With Levande subscription service, you can enjoy hassle-free warranty from start to finish. We take care of not only delivery, set-up, maintenance and repairs, but also old appliance disposal, providing you complete peace of mind. In the unlikely event that you face an issue that cannot be resolved remotely, we’ll provide you with a like-for-like replacement within 48 hours, allowing you to continue enjoying your subscription with minimal interruption.

Why subscribe a Wine Cabinet with Levande by Electrolux?



Subscribe to appliances without worrying about delivery, set-up, maintenance, repairs or old appliance disposal.



Access to latest technology innovations at an affordable monthly subscription fee.


Upgrade Anytime

Our subscription plans are flexible. Improve your lifestyle as your life evolves.


Reduce E-waste

By subscribing to a refurbished or second hand appliance via our circular plan, you can help reduce the growing mountains of e-waste and contribute to a more sustainable future.

How does renting a Wine Cabinet work?

1   Select a Wine Cabinet

Pick the latest appliance that fits your needs for excellent performance, practicality, and energy efficiency.

2   Subscribe

Select a plan at a fixed monthly fee!
Just pay a one-time standard security deposit* before the start of your subscription, which we'll return to you once the subscription ends and we pick up the appliance. *If you sign-up with MyInfo, the standard security deposit is waived.

3   Delivery & set-up

Get your product delivered and set-up within 48 hours*! Our team will set up your new appliance and provide guidance on how to utilize its features to the fullest. Plus, we'll dispose of your old appliance for free!
*Subject to stock availability and Singapore's public holiday schedule.

4   Complete peace of mind

Enjoy complete peace of mind with our hassle-free warranty that covers your product for the entire duration of your subscription! In the unlikely event that you face an issue with your appliance, which cannot be resolved remotely in just a few minutes, we'll provide you with a like-for-like replacement within 48 hours.