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Helpful tips for microwave oven rental

Microwave ovens have simplified the process of preparing and reheating meals by pushing a button. The microwave oven is as flexible as it is convenient, cooking everything from popcorn to cupcakes and potatoes.

Microwave ovens come in a wide range of varieties. Their size, installation type and features are their main distinctive differences.

Microwave oven size

Microwave ovens range from about 15 to 32 liters or above in size. The size of the microwave is determined by the family size and the activity for which it will be used. However, a helpful guideline to choose the proper size is as follows, but allow for extra room if you want to use the microwave oven more extensively:

• 1-2 people, light use for defrosting: 20 liters and below
• 3-4 people, for defrosting regular meals: 30 liters and below
• More than 4 people, use for defrosting and cooking small meals: 30 liters and above

Microwave installation type

A microwave oven can be installed in one of two ways: built-in or freestanding.

Built-in microwaves, as the name implies, are built into your kitchen alongside other appliances such as your oven or dishwasher. They can be installed either beneath the kitchen counter or as part of your upper kitchen cabinets, giving them a fixed location in your kitchen.

Freestanding microwave ovens (also known as countertop or compact microwaves) may be placed wherever you want them to be at any given moment, giving you greater flexibility if you need more space to do other things.

Microwave oven features

In addition to heating and defrosting, modern microwave ovens include more features that help you prepare more complex meals. Microwave ovens equipped with grill functions allow you to grill meat to perfection, while convection oven functionality elevates a microwave oven to the level of cooking versatility of a big oven. Finally, interiors that are easy to clean make them even easier to use and maintain.

Choosing the right microwave oven with Levande subscription service

Levande provides Electrolux microwave ovens with the ideal combination of versatile cooking features and programmes for baking, grilling, reheating and everything in between. Electrolux appliances are also known for outstanding energy efficiency and their ease of use, making a subscription to an Electrolux unit the best choice for your kitchen.

Compared to microwave oven rental service, Levande offers more versatile subscription plans, ranging from 6 months to 3 years, with no hidden costs, allowing you to upgrade anytime to a different model within the same category to keep up with the latest Electrolux technology.

Check out Common questions about Levande subscriptions or Contact us.

Why subscribe a Microwave Oven with Levande by Electrolux?



Subscribe to appliances without worrying about delivery, set-up, maintenance, repairs or old appliance disposal.



Access to latest technology innovations at an affordable monthly subscription fee.


Upgrade Anytime

Our subscription plans are flexible. Improve your lifestyle as your life evolves.


Reduce E-waste

By subscribing to a refurbished or second hand appliance via our circular plan, you can help reduce the growing mountains of e-waste and contribute to a more sustainable future.

How does renting a Microwave Oven work?

1   Select a Microwave Oven

Pick the latest appliance that fits your needs for excellent performance, practicality, and energy efficiency.

2   Subscribe

Select a plan at a fixed monthly fee!
Just pay a one-time standard security deposit* before the start of your subscription, which we'll return to you once the subscription ends and we pick up the appliance. *If you sign-up with MyInfo, the standard security deposit is waived.

3   Delivery & set-up

Get your product delivered and set-up within 48 hours*! Our team will set up your new appliance and provide guidance on how to utilize its features to the fullest. Plus, we'll dispose of your old appliance for free!
*Subject to stock availability and Singapore's public holiday schedule.

4   Complete peace of mind

Enjoy complete peace of mind with our hassle-free warranty that covers your product for the entire duration of your subscription! In the unlikely event that you face an issue with your appliance, which cannot be resolved remotely in just a few minutes, we'll provide you with a like-for-like replacement within 48 hours.