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Rent or Lease an Air Purifier in Singapore with Levande: Convenient, Effective, and Improve indoor air quality.

Looking to rent a hassle-free air purifier? Levande has you covered. Our air purifier leasing service is designed to provide convenience, effectiveness, and help in improving indoor air quality. Say goodbye to the complexities of purchasing and maintaining an air purifier and opt for our all-inclusive rental subscription.

When you rent an air purifier from Levande, you receive a complete package. Enjoy the convenience of a top-quality air purifier, along with reliable maintenance and filter replacement services.We offer an annual filter change

At Levande, we believe in giving you choices. Select from a variety of air purifiers, each equipped with advanced filtration technologies to address different air quality concerns. Whether you need to remove allergens, dust, pet dander, or odors, we have the right air purifier for you. Our options include both refurbished and new units, ensuring high-quality performance. Customize the duration of your rental to fit your specific needs, whether it's for 6 months, 1 year, or even 6 years. Need a 9-month rental? No problem. Simply choose a 6-month subscription and extend it to 9 months seamlessly. And the best part? You have the flexibility to upgrade your rental at any time.

Make a positive impact on your indoor environment by reducing indoor pollution and improving air quality. Embrace a lifestyle that prioritizes clean, fresh air by renting an air purifier from Levande. Experience the convenience, effectiveness, and flexibility that our rental service offers. Say goodbye to worries about indoor air pollutants and hello to a healthier living space today. Rent an air purifier from Levande and breathe easy knowing you're creating a cleaner and safer environment for yourself and your loved ones.

What should I know before choosing to rent an air purifier?

Looking for an essential appliance that can keep you and your family safe from harmful airborne particles and allergens? Look no further than air purifiers! In today's modern environment, air pollution is a real concern, but with the help of an air purifier, you can breathe fresh air in the comfort of your own home. Don't take any risks with your health – invest in an air purifier today and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing you're protected.

How does an air purifier work?

Discover how air purifiers work to keep your indoor air clean and fresh! By simply drawing in the surrounding air of your room, air purifiers filter out harmful pollutants and particles, leaving only the purest and freshest air behind. Equipped with advanced filters, these purifiers trap dust, pollen, and other irritants, ensuring your home or office is a safe haven for you and your family. With continuous filtration, you can breathe easy knowing that your air purifier is working hard to keep your air clean and healthy. Say goodbye to airborne pollutants and hello to clean air with an air purifier today!

What pollutants are filtered out by air purifiers?

Air purifiers are designed to filter out a variety of pollutants and contaminants from the air, including:

1. Dust and dust mites
2. Pollen
3. Pet dander and hair
4. Mold and mildew
5. Bacteria and viruses

A HEPA-filtered air purifier can eliminate airborne particles of sizes as small as 0.2-0.3 microns.

That’s incredibly small, and can easily cover pet hairs, fine dust, mold, pollen, and even various bacteria and viruses, making it one of the good reasons to get an air purifier.

Filter types used in air purifiers

• Prefilter: A prefilter in an air purifier captures bigger particles floating in the air. This can be especially significant for individuals who have pets in their homes, as capturing pet hair is one of its primary functions.
• HEPA filter: The High Efficiency Particulate Air, also known as HEPA filter, must be included in a good air purifier. As previously stated, it may capture microscopic particles such as fine dust and dangerous mold spores. Note that although some air purifiers may be described as having “HEPA-type” filters, they don’t always satisfy the same standards.
• Activated carbon filters: Activated carbon or charcoal filters are commonly found in air purifiers. These filters are intended to collect both odours and gases. If you are an asthma sufferer, an air purifier equipped with an activated carbon filter can be a good help.
• UV and ion treatment: Some air purifier manufacturers incorporate UV lights and ionizers in their products, however their effectiveness isn’t as well proven as that of other types of filters.

Choosing the perfect air purifier for your room size

As a single room often requires only one air purifier, its size must be proportional to the size of the room that it will be placed in. The suitable room sizes are usually indicated on the packages of air purifiers, but it’s often worth it to choose an air purifier that’s claimed for a bigger room than yours.

A CADR rating on an air purifier shows how many cubic feet of air can be cleaned per minute.

Choosing the best air purifier based on noise level

Noise levels may vary slightly between air purifiers, so before you rent an air purifier, remember to check the specifications. If you intend to use it in a bedroom or a nursery, pay extra attention to noise levels to guarantee a good sleep.

To be sure, take a look at the decibel ratings stated in the product description. Devices having a maximum noise level of 50dB or below should be fine to use in most rooms.

Enjoy clean air with Levande air purifier subscription service

Levande offers Electrolux air purifiers for subscriptions, such as the Pure A9 that brings you a fresh and clean-living environment at low noise levels, whilst also neutralizing 99.99% of bacteria in the air. Moreover, they can adjust their own air flow rates thanks to the unique PureSense technology that continually analyses air quality, allowing you to enjoy fresh air without any hassle.

Unlike rental services, Levande air purifier subscription plans are more versatile, ranging from 6 months to 6 years, while allowing you to upgrade to a different model at any point during the subscription period to keep up with the latest Electrolux technology.

Check out Frequently asked questions about Levande subscriptions or contact our Customer Service Care if you have any issues with your air purifier rental or subscription.

Why subscribe an Air Purifier with Levande by Electrolux?



Subscribe to appliances without worrying about delivery, set-up, maintenance, repairs or old appliance disposal.



Access to latest technology innovations at an affordable monthly subscription fee.


Upgrade Anytime

Our subscription plans are flexible. Improve your lifestyle as your life evolves.


Reduce E-waste

By subscribing to a refurbished or second hand appliance via our circular plan, you can help reduce the growing mountains of e-waste and contribute to a more sustainable future.

How does renting an Air Purifier work?

1   Select an Air Purifier

Pick the latest appliance that fits your needs for excellent performance, practicality, and energy efficiency.

2   Subscribe

Select a plan at a fixed monthly fee!
Just pay a one-time standard security deposit* before the start of your subscription, which we'll return to you once the subscription ends and we pick up the appliance.
*If you sign-up with MyInfo, the standard security deposit is waived.

3   Delivery & set-up

Get your product delivered and set-up within 48 hours*! Our team will set up your new appliance and provide guidance on how to utilize its features to the fullest. Plus, we'll dispose of your old appliance for free!
*Subject to stock availability and Singapore's public holiday schedule.

4   Complete peace of mind

Enjoy complete peace of mind with our hassle-free warranty that covers your product for the entire duration of your subscription! In the unlikely event that you face an issue with your appliance, which cannot be resolved remotely in just a few minutes, we'll provide you with a like-for-like replacement within 48 hours.